Man of Earth

from by The Crux



Locked inside the garden, right beneath the rose
Lies a painted little dummy, crooked little nose
His hands lay crossed beside him, pointed to the East
Rain creeps in his silly head, drops of dummy dreams
And it's only mud and wood
You should have known that I would do no good
I'd let you go, overflow, now you sleep alone
it's just a shame

Of all the time I've wasted, one thing still rings true
January's cold winds need February's youth
I went outside to see her, pricked my finger on a thorn
Saw the clay creep from the place where my skin was torn
And I hardly have the chance to sigh and say
Won't that pirate ship come take me away
For heaven's sake, just yesterday I came out here to play
But not today

I've been to school on Sunday, I've seen how the story goes
Adam gave the creatures names and Eve grew from a bone
They bit into a secret, lord they shook that thing
Adam had to leave the place but a bit of him remains
And I guess I should be moving on
Ain't it funny how the world looks in a song...?
Ain't it funny how we work the plow, what comes from it now?
A Man of Earth


from Crux Interpretum (Tape One), released October 31, 2014



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