Coalsack: The Pirate

from by The Crux



They've tempted me too many times with their rules
They've forced me to take up with madmen and fools
Now we do work with the Devil's own tools
Twixt the sun and the moon we are singing

Cast my memories back to my bride
As we went out walking down by the seaside
We had no warning of the cavalry's ride
Nor the war they had planned for the morning

Stab the sad bastards, to hell with them all
A mortar shell burst through our chamber wall
“Civilian casualties,” was what they were called
My brother, my mother, my darling

Now we study the stars, we run a tight ship
We light all the candles and sideways we slip
Into the ocean, the stars, and the myth
that we drift into leaves our eyes gleaming

Corporal Vamp, with the face of a child
Sends young men to war with a gun and a smile
Left his recruiters for dead in a pile
And went off to enjoy the evening

Fire for blood, water for skin,
Air for the wind that's without and within
And the earth is a dream from where we begin
We may return when treasures we're carrying

God is a beggar and Coalsack His face
The stars of His brow gaze off into space
The darkness is iron, and leather, and lace
And it be to this beggar we're riding

The armies, the navies, the airforces too
Desire me ship and me pirating crew
But we are too sensitive for that abuse
For we're always so fond of refusing

“Good morrow! Good Morrow!” cries good Sgt. Napper
Our glasses he fills and our beards he does flatter
His head and his war drum we shoved in the crapper
And told him his offers were charming


from Be Merry, released March 17, 2012



all rights reserved