Be Merry, My Friends!

from by The Crux



Be merry, my friends, be merry!
The treasure we seek is buried!
Don’t you weep! Dig that shovel deep!
See the things she carry!
The worms crawl in and then-then
The worms crawl out again-gain
Fat and juicy ones, long and skinny ones too!

I remember lying in bed
While the soil was sprinkled over my head
And the blackbird danced around me!
The blackbird danced around me!
She feed me pomegranate wine
She run her fingers down my spine
And then my love surround me!
And then my love surround me!
And I lay my weary head upon her breast

Roaming the city through the bells and calls
We were dancing free ‘neath the white stone walls!
Singing, “Rum bum badda oompa!
"Rum bum badda oompa!”
Papa’s in the tower, nodding his head
Mama’s in the kitchen bakin’ the bread
Going, “Rum bum badda oompa!
And, “Lai lai lai lai lai lai lai lai lai lai lai…”

My love is a dove, she’s my bride of the mountains
She goes out tonight to bathe in the fountain
Hold my baby tighter! Hold my baby tighter!
The hiss and the steam of the cold and the heat
From the top of your skull to the toes of you feet
Oh, lift that baby higher! Lift that baby higher!
Until the crown of stars is pressed beside her brow


from Be Merry, released March 17, 2012



all rights reserved